Inventions of the Future: Launch clubs

Can’t talk now, Dale, I’ve gotta flame and smear on the south peninsula.

That’s alright. I’ll come along for the ride. Was it one of yours?

Yep. Number six son.

He’s had some experience too. Hasn’t he?

Yep. Never could get his trajectory right, tho.

Have you told the missus yet?

Naw. She’s visiting her sister. Best not to disturb them.

What about the tanks?

Well, I been thinking about that. Everyone around here just rushes em to the tanks. What’s the hurry? He’ll keep.

Kinda harsh, don’t cha think?

Naw. Teach him a lesson. This is just aggravating, running all over like this. Maybe next time he’ll be more careful.
Hmm. Never thought of it like that.

Give it a few more decades. This launch club foolishness will be over.

Oh, Bill, it’s just some kids havin fun. They put together these crazy surface to void ships so they don’t die of boredom. Any of em could make it off this dirtball on a legit shuttle if they wanted. Gives em somethin to do. Whoa, that looks like the wreck over there.

If he hadn’t let that Moffit girl talk him into a new design he mighta walked away from this smear. Probably fried him to a crisp while he was still in the upper atmosphere.

Gonna send a bot in for him?

Yeah, don’t want to get any of those ashes on me.

Hey, that’s a pretty big black ball. Didn’t know they made em that big.

I had it dipped in extra casing. After the first three smears in a row I figured I better. You know, just in case.

Cause any problems when you regrow him?

Naw, I just put it in his gut instead of his head. Pretty standard.

How long did you say you were gonna keep him out of the tank?

I dunno. Maybe I’ll give his next body buck teeth and a cowlick.

Then he’ll just smear it on purpose.

Yup, probably would.